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True omnichannel with multiple touchpoints. A unified approach to customer service and sales.

Bring the in-store experience to customers shopping at home

  • Video capabilities allow sales associates to demonstrate features and products via one-way or two-way video call.
  • Flag VIP customers so sales associates receive notifications when they’re on the website.
  • Conversation is assigned to any available advisor, either in-store or remote, based on skills and proximity to the customer.

Overcome a decline in your store foot traffic

  • Assist customers actively shopping to ensure customer satisfaction prior to curbside pick-up.
  • Proactively engage with website visitors near you with retargeting to build relationships with local customers.
  • A channel-agnostic approach to increase sales through digital journeys and support customers through their preferred touchpoint.

A seamless omnichannel experience

  • With customer conversations now mobile, engage with your customer via video call, live chat, email, sms, Facebook messenger, and more, from anywhere.
  • Proactively send a customer a personalized link so they can chat with you directly or schedule a virtual personal shopping appointment.
  • The customer decides when it’s convenient for them to reply with INSIDE Store’s asynchronous messaging capabilities

An international beautybrand saw 450% ROI

Our luxury clients are aggregately seeing 40% conversion rate from video calls.

300% increase inaverage order valuevia video

CSAT scores of customers engaged with through the INSIDE app average a 94%. The benchmark worldwide is 86%.

Retail brands saw net promoter score increase by 400%

Client Reviews

Feature packed

  • Connect with your customers via one-way or two-way video calls.
  • Teams can share call volume and accept new enquiries from a queue system.
  • Custom visual cues that remain with the visitor on subsequent visits to the site.
  • Allowing the advisor to look at products with the customer.
  • Advisor can request payment for items and securely enter the data into existing POS system.
  • Visitors can be marked as favorites. Advisors can be notified when a favorite customer is online.

INSIDE Store app. Humanize your customer service.

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