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How is your online customer feeling right now?
Happy? Angry? Confused? Do you know? We can show you.

Happy? Angry? Confused? Do you know? We can show you.


Deliver In-Store service, online

The ultimate AI-enabled messaging & video solution, INSIDE™ by Powerfront, enables brands to visually see their online customers in real-time, empowering sales & service teams to deliver data-driven, proactive, personalized omnichannel service to their online customers - just as they would in-person. The fun and animated avatars, visually represent your customers and their journey with your website, app, social messaging channels and marketing.

From CRM Integration to Clienteling, Co-browse to Client Self-Scheduling,
we have features to suit every business, from small to enterprise.

Live Chat

Proactively engage in real-time using data-rich cues, live sentiment & dynamic links

Email Ticketing

Ticketing system, channel management and full transparency

Social Messaging

Engage in simultaneous conversations and multiple channels on one simple dashboard

Clienteling App

Create & manage client relationships by connecting online customers to in-store teams

Virtual Selling

Virtual selling, one-on-one clienteling and convenient self-scheduling

Live Stream 1:Many

Live shows, launches, virtual selling, direct add-to-cart and connect direct to agents

Shoppable Video Feed

Interactive, immersive video shopping experience with add-to-cart and chat directly to agent capabilities

Customer Journey

Real-time, data-driven insights on customer behavior give agents cues for a greater level of personalized service

AI Bots

Best-in-class automated and integrated self-serve solutions

AI Assistant

AI-powered conversations that co-pilot with human agents to deliver premium service across all platforms

AI Auto Translation

Instantly create a multilingual team to expand your service and sales reach by 27+ languages

Ask AI

Agents can ask questions for business knowledge in the context of customer inquiries


A true Omnichannel platform - Chat to customers where they are

We are the 360-view solution for connecting customers to service centers and store locations, communicating seamlessly across social platforms such as Live Chat, Email, Text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google chat, WeChat, Line and KakaoTalk, to name a few. Generate real revenue by proactively engaging and replying to your customers in real-time.

Empower your sales & service teams to deliver data-driven, proactive and personalized omnichannel service to your online customers

The INSIDE platform is the only live chat platform that is designed to deliver fun, gamified experiences to your online sales associates, stylists, experts and agents.

Optimize your digital journeys and achieve up to 49% conversion with INSIDE proactive chat

Our Solutions

  • Omnichannel Customer Care
  • Virtual Selling
  • Live Shopping
  • Clienteling
  • Agent Concierge


Powerfront’s INSIDE AI features are a part of the INSIDE Ecosystem, Desktop and Store App Dashboards. Leverage AI power across Chat, SMS, Email & Social.

Omnichannel Customer Care

True omnichannel solutions deliver a seamless live chat experience, whilst your customers can use multiple devices & channels of their choice to communicate with your business.

Virtual Selling

Curate personalized customer experiences online using chat and video with contact center and in-stores teams

Live Shopping

Create One-to-Many virtual live shopping events for product launches, new collections & brand events. Click to connect directly to agents & add products directly to cart during shows & shoppable videos.


Build and manage relationships through smart data insights & multi platform messaging. Recognize your customers each & every time they visit you online.

Agent Concierge

Introducing our Center of Excellence and a white-glove service offering of fully trained Powerfront Concierge Associates.

By Department

Discover Powerfront’s feature rich solutions for sales, service, social and marketing teams.

  • Customer Care
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • eCommerce and Online Sales
  • Boutiques and Showrooms

Customer Care

Deliver data-driven, personalized conversations with online customers in real-time, alongside best-in-class automated and integrated self-service for faster solutions.

Marketing and Social Media

Create curated customer experiences and tailored messages from marketing campaigns & social channels direct to your agents and store teams, with full visibility of the customer journey.

eCommerce and Online Sales

Optimize customer interactions and recognize hot opportunities through segmenting according to basket size, status, location, buying behavior, time on site and more.

Boutiques and Showrooms

With the INSIDE Store App in-person teams can be notified in real-time when VIP clients are online, see previous conversations & history and actively clientele right from their location.


Optimize digital experiences & deliver hyper-personalized service across multiple regions & languages
Deliver a true end-to-end omnichannel experience & engage with AI & Human support across multiple channels
Instantly recognize returning customers & proactively connect with AI support, Contact Center & In-Store experts
Expertly clientele across digital platforms whilst showcasing product in real-time with In-Store experts
Connect clients with sales teams from local dealerships for real-time test drives, demonstrations & maintenance experiences
Recognise VIP passengers instantly & offer personalized assistance with bookings using AI & Human support

“At Lenovo we take pride in our innovation and smarter technology for all. The cool factor with Powerfront is that they do the same. They want to be the cutting-edge of what they do and we're working together to make that a reality.”

Nicole Hutchinson INSIDE Sales Manager, Lenovo


Why choose Powerfront?

We are a diverse group of passionate innovators and creators, committed to true customer-centricity. You will work with a dedicated Client Relations team who partner with you.

It’s the little things, like customizing the chat pane to become authentic to your brand. Helping you create your first messages. Sharing wins and celebrations with your team. When you choose Powerfront you are choosing to deliver a high touch personalized customer service to your customers, where it matters how your customers feel. Your online visitors will be seen, recognized and valued.

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