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Customer Success Stories

  • Lenovo

    Lenovo has harmonized sales and service across 8 core regions and 33 countries, achieving a 48% YOY growth in chat revenue with INSIDE.

  • Gucci

    Kering’s implementation across 2000 regional websites, 70 stores, and 10 languages drove a remarkable 16% growth in proactive sales conversion with Gucci.

  • Rooms To Go

    Rooms To Go uses visual data to achieve a 97.68% response rate using the INSIDE store app to replicate the in-store experience, online.



  • Loreal

    Since implementing INSIDE, Lancome & Kiehl’s have both seen a 430% increase in conversion rates, explicitly due to a customer chatting with a customer service agent.

  • Staples

    INSIDE's live dashboard increased Staples agent concurrency from 2 to 2.8. Agent efficiency increased by more than 40%. Staples agents have one-click access to all the information they need to deliver the best result.

  • Dengo

    Dengo works hard to create a brand with a social conscience and as a result is very committed to offering a high level of customer service online, to replicate what they offer in their physical store.

  • Contiki

    There have been a lot of leads from using INSIDE. Frequently asked questions that clog our phone queues now only take a few seconds ...

  • Mornington Peninsula Shire

    The installation was incredibly simple, and Powerfront was unbelievably supportive throughout the entire go live process.

  • Forever New

    We want to speak directly to our customers, assist them in finding the perfect outfit and rectify any issues they encounter while shopping online, just like our sales associates do in our stores

  • Baylor University

    INSIDE enables agents to give quick info about applications and encourage studients to apply. It’s definitely helped us see an increase in application numbers!

  • St John Ambulance

    Powerfront is more customer focused, more refined, and also quite easy for a trained user to set it up, we do our promotions, our banners. We’ve got a small team here. So that’s what set it apart.


"INSIDE by Powerfront provides us with insights into the tastes and buying habits of our diverse and meticulous clientele, which enables the service team to provide high touch and personalized service, just like they would in one of our stores" - Luxury brand