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Omnichannel customer engagement never looked so good

Ready to transform your customers omnichannel retail experience?

INSIDE’s omnichannel customer service software carries the customers context through to every conversation. Real-time actionable insights across chat, email, SMS and social media messages help our clients provide an amazing customer experience.

INSIDE by Powerfront is recognized as the best ecommerce live chat software by luxury retailers. Our omnichannel solution is based on the same principles. A highly engaging agent dashboard that leverages the power of data visualization can now be leveraged across multiple channels.

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Omnichannel Agent Dashboard

A single agent can now handle multiple conversations across multiple channels concurrently. INSIDE unique visual dashboard allows context and conversations to easily flow from one shopping channel to the next, providing the ultimate 360 degree view of the customer and a seamless omnichannel experience.

Universal Conversation Queue

Advanced segmentation and routing systems means the right conversation is routed to the right agent every time. INSIDE’s unique channel management system can route conversations based on agent skills, teams or channels using both natural language processing (NLP) or any combination of other behavioral, geographical or transactional based filters.

“Agents must be able to move seamlessly between channels, based on best channel treatment, while preserving context and content”

Kate Leggett
Forrester Research

Agents love using INSIDE!

INSIDE’s highly visual and engaging agent dashboard has changed the game compared to other customer service software solutions. It’s fun and easy to use, with built in gamification that will increase agent productivity and retention.

By mimicking human expressions and interactions agents show a greater affinity with the customer, which translates to more attentive service and better customer outcomes.

INSIDE delivers the best return on investment

  • Proactive Chat =
    New Revenue up to 25 times
    conversion & Phone, Email

  • Chatbot Assistant =
    Time/Cost Savings &
    Increased CS Capacity

  • Reactive Chat
    + Agent Knowledge
    = Best Customer Experience
    & Retention

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Proven Results

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* Results of a trial from a leading global retailer when compared to the incumbent vendor

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