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The Future of Virtual Work During COVID: This Technology Completely Virtualizes Your Office
April 25, 2020
With virtual work comes distractions, lack of structure, difficulties keeping track of employees’ productivity and challenges keeping teams connected. What’s more, working from home can get lonely. This period of time can induce enough anxiety. It’s important to maintain a sense of unity and community culture in your workplace now more than ever. Enter Powerfront's INSIDE Your Business, a tech tool that turns a physical office into a virtual one via Zoom, allowing people to feel connected while working from their homes.
Product announcements
Virtual Video Shoppers That Take You Inside A Store are the Future of Shopping
March 26, 2020
With the global pandemic having an unprecedented effect on the retail sector, tech company Powerfront has invented video technology brands can offer to their customers that allows customers to step inside a store and examine products - from the comfort of their couch. With this virtual retailing tech, homebound shoppers can video into the inside of a store, where a client-advisor walks the store, highlighting products, answering questions, and helping with the check-out process as though the customer was physically present.

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