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Which agent console would you rather use?

Enterprise live chat software for ecommerce

Agents prefer the INSIDE visual engagement platform over typical text heavy dashboards

See your website become a hive of activity that will capture the imagination of your team. The beautifully designed console creates an operator experience that is engaging, intuitive and promotes performance. Your agents will have at their fingertips all the data and tools they need to provide outstanding customer service.

Why do we use avatars?

Why use Avatars?

Visually consume customer data and behaviour

Smart proactive live chat solution

Targeted proactive live chat solution enables targeting based on the customer's journey, location, purchase history and even basket value. This means we can utilize human agents where they will deliver the most impact. Agents can identify VIP and returning customers or struggling customers and engage with them to minimize any pain points or gently encourage them to complete their transaction.

Meet 'Botler' INSIDE Chatbot

Our built in AI-powered Chatbot automates routine and transactional conversations, allowing your human agents to focus on the moments that matter.

Chatbots assisting agents, and chatbots assisting consumers. Using our conversational workflow model and intent builder means your chatbot can be engaging with customers within hours. No technical knowledge required. Learn more

Leveraging Chatbots

In-store sales and service strategies online

INSIDE has changed how brands perceive live chat software. Drag and drop product recommendation tools, saved responses, serialized coupons and offers, co-browsing and video live chat optimize chat agents’ capabilities and improve customer experiences. Your agents have all the tools to deliver the same level of service that your in-store team deliver in person.

Proven Results

proactive response ratechat lengthchat conversionconcurrency

* Results of a trial from a leading global retailer when compared to the incumbent vendor

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