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The Evolution of the Agent

Looking Further Down The Road

Forrester analyst Kate Leggett recently released a report entitled "The Future of Work: You Must Change How You Hire Customer Service Associates," which highlighted the changing nature of customer service. As brands move into the future and companies’ digital businesses increasingly become their main revenue stream, the role of the “customer service agent'' will evolve from a less-skilled entry-level position to a more refined, focused "knowledge worker."

The Role of AI will change

As the role of AI and automation continues to develop and eCommerce sales increasingly outperform brick-and-mortar, it’s more imperative than ever to stay ahead of the curve while integrating automation into your web presence. Avoid integrating AI to your customer service strategy altogether and miss out on efficiency. Depend entirely on it and risk alienating your customers who are already unlikely to feel confident about the likelihood of a bot being able to solve their problem.

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