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How to Build a Dream Customer Service Team

Engaged employees produce better customer service experiences.

Research reveals a definite correlation between employee engagement and revenue growth. Satisfied employees are much more likely to deliver higher quality customer service, which consistently drives profits.

In addition to the obvious benefits of employee satisfaction, happy customer service agents are more likely to stick around for a long time, feel fulfilled and stimulated by their jobs, and be passionate about the business. Employees who are truly motivated and inspired take pride in their service and continue striving to achieve their goals.

By ensuring that your customer service team is engaged, efficient, and successful, companies leverage their employees' satisfaction to improve customer experiences. Keeping this in mind, as you build your customer service agent roster, here are some tried and true tips for creating a dream customer service team.

best customer service team solution

Empower your agents

Provide them with the right conversational commerce platform.
An intuitive interface will reduce training time and get new hires on boarded and delivering results in no time. Select a customer engagement solution that arms agents with vital info about your online customers - allow them to see customers who are  struggling, what's in their basket, their previous purchase history, their location and time on site, and more. Rich data can allow agents to personalize their interactions with returning and VIP customers, allowing the agent to provide higher level customer service, therefore ensuring higher customer satisfaction rates and improving brand affinity.

Utilize a solution that allows agents to seamlessly transition between channels.
Choose agnostic omni-channel software that allows agents to respond to emails, Facebook messaging, SMS, chat, and more all in one unified desktop. A holistic conversational Al platform will standardize services and ensure that customers switching between channels receive unified, consistent service, whatever the medium they decide to engage.

Ensure all information is unified and readily accessible.
Agents shouldn't have to search for information to customer queries if the information is all in one place. Arm your employees with a thorough and simple-to-use knowledge base, but take it one step further by providing them a catalog with site products they can easily browse in order to drag and drop links and quickly identify what a customer may be searching for.

best customer service team solution

A new era of customer service

Customer service chat and messaging are king.
Studies show that voice calls are rapidly declining. 89°/4 of customers prefer messaging for their customer service needs- and that number will only increase as the population of consumers becomes increasingly dominated by millennials and Gen-Zers. Maximize
agent efficiency with customer service chat so they can handle multiple chats concurrently, rather than responding to emails or phone calls one-by-one.

Staff up for peak times and holidays.
Don't take average business hours for granted. Our data shows that various industries and demographics chat more at different times. For example, one travel website geared towards 18-35 year olds showed that chat volumes were much higher in the evening hours, versus a travel website targeting an older demographic that chats more frequently in the morning. Use your live chat software's dashboard reporting functions to view specific historical data about your business's high-volume chat times and dates to ensure you're properly prepared for events and promotions.

best customer service team solution

The little details always matter

Use Al to assist agents, not customers.
Expedite your agents' response rates with preset proactive engagements and reactive responses. Customer service chatbots should be used to prompt agents to expedite handling times and minimize friction points. Allowing a customer's interaction to be fully automated can decrease customer confidence - a human touch reduces friction. Al has its place, of course - bots can prompt agents to provide fast and accurate engagements that make customers feel confident, valued, and recognized, three qualities proven to increase customer satisfaction scores.

Your customers want a human touch, and so do your employees.
Implore your team to spot opportunities to make real connections and evoke positive emotions from customers. Helping people is rewarding, and it's important to encourage your employees to value that.

Reward your customer service team!
Creating positive incentives for your team will boost morale as well as motivate your agents to meet their goals. Customer support software with easily legible reporting can assist in creating a healthy sense of competition that will drive results and increase employee satisfaction.

best customer service team solution

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