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10 Benefits of Proactive Chat

Help Customers Before They Get Mad

You don’t want your customers to get frustrated, ever. Nip any pain points in the bud. Using behavioural targeting we can engage struggling or upset customers with a proactive message so that their browsing experience is seamless and comfortable.

Assure your customer that they won’t get lonely

Even if a customer doesn’t need your help, it’s nice to say hello and let them know you’re there for whatever they need. Just like you’d greet a customer who walked into your store - saying hello is the first step in facilitating a connection and guiding a customer on their journey.

Target the right customer at the right moment

Spot hot opportunities - a live chat solution that shows your customer’s basket value allows you to suggest, upsell and cross sell in real time. Spot your customers who have purchased in the past, who have baskets over a certain dollar amount, and say hi to them!

Ease logistical tensions

Proactively engage customers looking for tracking information by offering to update them on their order status. The order number displayed will prevent further annoying prodding from the agent and allow a quick reaction which will improve overall customer satisfaction and confidence.

Keep your visitor alert

If your site has an intimidating amount of information by necessity, or your product is complex and requires multiple steps, your online customer’s eyes are likely to glaze over if research or a transaction takes more than a few minutes. Keep them awake with a proactive chat and encourage them to complete their journey to checkout.

Prevent abandoned carts

If your customer seems to be stuck on the payment page for longer than usual, that’s a pretty strong indicator that they need some help. Time-sensitive proactive chat triggers could save a sale - swoop in and offer assistance before your frustrated or struggling customer abandons their cart!

Maximize your workforce

If you can offer a great customer experience before any user issues arise while your customer navigates your website, you’ll decrease support calls. Set a trigger to engage customers on the FAQ or contact page before they have a chance to hit that button. Proactive bot assist can reduce your operator requirements, saving you valuable budget.

Make your customer an offer they can’t refuse

Let customers browsing your site know about a current or upcoming promotions. Use seasonal messaging and calls to action to nudge your customers along their way to completing a transaction. If your customer is still hesitant, offer them a discount code or coupon to foster that special connection.

Create and maintain brand affinity

Users who chat are three times more likely to convert. Send a proactive message to someone browsing their site to elicit an emotional connection. Make your customer feel like they belong. Recognition goes a long way in fostering brand loyalty.

Treat your VIPs accordingly

Show gratitude and recognition for your repeat customers who make high-value purchases with a tailored proactive greeting.

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