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Your Ecommerce Live Chat Isn't Doing Enough - Why You're Missing Out on Higher Conversion Rates

Most live chat software providers don't go far enough to maximize conversion rates

Live chat is essential to humanizing eCommerce and minimizing your customers' pain points. Chat enables you to have real conversations with your online customers at the time of need rather than forcing them to wait for an email response or pick up on the phone and get stuck on hold for minutes (or worse!). Chat allows customer service agents to quickly smooth out friction points while also building a relationship with the customer. This helps encourage customers to purchase in the moment and ensures their on line buying journey is seamless and intuitive.

Creating a shopping experience that customers feel confident and comfortable about will also ensure that they return to your business's website again. Cultivating a strong rapport also increases this likelihood, which is invaluable to your company's growth and expansion. There is heavy evidence supporting why live chat creates an exceptional user experience, but are other chat providers really taking full advantage of what live chat is capable of?

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