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Powerfront names Shanelle Willson as COO

Shanelle Willson has been named COO of Powerfront.

Shanelle has been with Powerfront since 2016 and started as the Executive Account Director before being promoted to VP of Operations in 2019. Prior to joining the Powerfront team, she was a client. As the Director of E-Commerce & Digital Media for an established international retailer, she worked closely with the Powerfront team, and was impressed by their vision and resolve to change the way brands service their online customers.

Of her time as a Powerfront client, Shanelle says, “My journey with Powerfront started years ago with me playing the role of client and Powerfront, becoming our vendor of choice. I saw then the difference in management style, one that enforced accountability and action. From the outside looking in, these were traits that equated to ROI, partnership and actualized value. I saw innovation unlike anything I’d seen before and a belief that the status quo isn’t good enough. I was intrigued.

“With a background in eCommerce and Online Marketing at the peak of misappropriated buzz words, overuse of jargon and the desire for quick yet often unreplicable results, I saw a company going against the grain, unique in its positioning. I saw a company going for greatness and I wanted in.”

Shanelle shared Powerfront’s values of accountability, action, and customer obsession, and she brought this passion for excellent customer experiences to her role in client relations. She nurtured several high-end accounts and built a qualified core team, resulting in the development of strong partnerships with leading luxury brands and global retailers. Shanelle’s dedication inspired the Powerfront client relations team to provide the highest level of service to Powerfront clients, therefore enabling those retailers to provide that same personalization to their end users. As Vice President of Operations, she was responsible for overall business operations with a focus on strategic planning, streamlining processes, and improving operational priorities.

CEO Hadar Paz says, “Shanelle truly believes in Powerfront’s quest. Even in the days when she was a customer, she believed in us. No one is more articulate than her when speaking about the company, our culture, and our capabilities. She speaks as if she were an owner in Powerfront, which is something rare to see. She is compassionate, and a natural leader.”

Shanelle is also the first COO at Powerfront. Paz says she will lead the company into the next phase of Powerfront’s continued growth.

Powerfront is the creator of customer engagement technology and solutions. The company’s proprietary engagement software INSIDE™ provides real-time actionable intelligence that empowers businesses to connect with their customers on a deeply personalized level, mirroring the in-store customer experience.

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