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Why Every Business Needs Chat – A Story of Frustration

As the world of customer service becomes more immediate, we notice how some customer service platforms have been lacking and how much of our time is wasted dealing with unnecessarily long conversations with companies. As the customer, one expects your bank or insurance company to be equipped with your information. However, at times it feels as though you are just another number in their big system of clients. Powerfront has created a live chat system that maintains real life connections when transitioning online.

A Powerfront employee recently experienced an exceptionally painful interaction with her bank company – an interaction that could definitely use the immediacy and customization INSIDE provides. Alannah was traveling to Europe and remembered right before her flight that she needed to contact her bank regarding her travel plans. Using their App, she called the phone number given (as the only method of contact) and started the unexpectedly frustrating process to let her bank know of her plans to travel.

What started off as a simple task turned into a lengthy phone call filled with redundant questions and bad connection. Alannah was asked to prove her identity multiple times. She then had to repeat the process again as she got disconnected. The whole process took an unnecessarily long amount of time. After giving all her information it seemed as though the company was still unaware of her identity.

In the end, after around 30 minutes of repeating herself, the task was completed. She then moved on to notify her other bank of her travel and stumbled upon a simpler system. This time, she was able to go directly through the bank’s app, click a few buttons and complete her task. She was welcomed by a bot who then asked her what she needed and transferred her to a human agent. This process, compared to a phone call with the other company, was a lot faster and simpler. Thanks to the use of ecommerce live chat and messaging, she did not need to waste time answering a list of questions and instead was faced with a company that had the information needed to complete the simple task.

As seen through this example, live chat improves a customer’s experience as well as making the company’s process run smoothly. This experience illustrates how bots and human agents really do help online platforms. What took an unclear phone call 30 minutes, live chat did in a few seconds. Using a customer service platform such as INSIDE enables people on the go the convenience and immediacy that is necessary.

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