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Powerfront at the British Fashion Council in London

Powerfront’s CEO and Director of Business Development attended the British Fashion Council Fashion Forum and held a MasterClass about delivering luxury-level customer service online. Among the attendees were Gwyneth Paltrow and executives from H&M, Levis, Nike, AllSaints, Net-a-Porter, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

Hadar Paz, CEO of Powerfront
Hadar Paz, Powerfront CEO, hosts a MasterClass at the British Fashion Council Fashion Forum

The event hosted a spread of luxury fashion brands focused on defining how they are represented online and what is important to the expanding world of online luxury. Involved investors and tech companies such as Powerfront were in attendance to discuss solutions to these retailers’ challenges and showcase their conversational AI platform. As one of the invited technological partners interested in building innovative, conversational commerce platforms for luxury companies, Powerfront is considered a driving force behind technological advancements for luxury companies. Challenges being faced by these companies and possible technological solutions were discussed. Powerfront added to the list of solutions with our luxury-tailored live chat software that is beneficial to companies maintaining their exceptional service online.

Hadar Paz, our CEO, held a Master Class discussing INSIDE’s approach to live chat. The MasterClass focused on how a company such as Gucci can preserve their customer’s high-end experience when building an online presence. Hadar informed the attendees on how INSIDE uses tools such as proactive chat and visibility over the customer’s details including basket total, purchase history, and location to enable a luxurious experience online that matches what these companies deliver in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Inside the innovation lab, the Powerfront team enjoyed meeting and speaking with Victor Luis, CEO of Tapestry, Christopher Wylie of H&M, Will Beedle of Allsaints and Alba Damico of Net-A-Porter. Powerfront was able to expose the innovative approach to live chat and messaging INSIDE has enabled to a group of leading executives in the luxury fashion industry. The companies present were eager to fix challenges that have surfaced with transitioning to a more technical world.

Victor Luis, CEO of Tapestry | Powerfront
Victor Luis, CEO of Tapestry, tours the Innovation Lab

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