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5 Compelling Digital Trends That Luxury Brands Can Leverage For Growth

The world is experiencing a digital revolution. Luxury brands are continually challenged to keep up with a tech-savvy consumers who have adopted modern preferences to view, learn about and buy products online. The secret to successfully appealing to high-end clientele is to create relatable and compelling stories.

The majority of consumers interact with brands on their mobile phones. As expected, users enjoy the instant gratification of online shopping, video shopping, live chatting, influencer demonstrations and more. It’s these multiple interaction points that are important to leverage and can help luxury brands grow their sales and online presence.

We are committed to helping luxury brands facilitate a unique approach to customer engagement online. To that extent, below are some ideas that will help you connect with high-end, tech-savvy consumers.

1. Rich Media Content that Expires

Ephemeral content (also referred to as ‘rich media content’) is an emerging trend of creating short stories (primarily video and images) that last for a determined period of time. According to Statista, there are over 500 million daily active users of Instagram stories each month, and that number continues to grow.

Sites with short story capabilities include Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook Messenger. Luxury brands have the power to better connect with their target audience by creating interesting and appealing short stories that can live across all of these various channels.

Strategies to enhance omnichannel rich media content:

  • Engage Your Audience Where They Are: Promote current events (company sales, sporting events, festivals, celebrity or fashion news, etc.) Coca-Cola, for instance, created a unique geo-filter after the famous red devils win in the 2018 World Cup. Ultimately, the initiative was taken up by influencers and teens and reached over 5 million impressions. 
  • Incorporate Sales Options: We’ve all heard that video is the most impactful form of consuming content. Lancôme has started leveraging influencer how-to videos that allow people to make online purchases without clicking out of a demonstration, and has seen online engagement and sales quickly growth through this seamless form of storytelling.

2. Create Mobile & Live Video Stories

A large percentage of internet users access the web via mobile devices, and videos are more preferred than any other content type. One of the current trends in video marketing involves creating live, vertically oriented videos that are easy to consume, and create a sense of exclusivity on mobile devices.

Live mobile videos have higher engagement than pre-recorded videos because of the real-time interaction between the host and the audience. Furthermore, the vertical format also allows for simple, upright viewing on a mobile device from virtually anywhere.

Powerfront LIVE Virtual Shows allows top luxury brands to easily record and share product demonstrations, virtual events and collection previews directly within their website and across multiple communications mediums. This omnichannel experience enables the viewer to shop and watch at the same time, boosting engagement and ultimately sales.

Here are the benefits and features of this tool:

  • Versatility: The tool lets you showcase your products in real-time, respond and gather live feedback, and incorporate multiple camera streams in a single show. 
  • Access to Customer History: The feature allows you to access the customer’s shopping journey – browsing history, previous purchases, basket content, and understand shopper sentiment – allowing you to provide personalized and relatable content.
  • Reporting and Analytics: All “likes,” Q&A, and click history are yours to use for post-show marketing and to close sales.

Book a demo to learn more about Powerfront LIVE Virtual Shows.

3. Embrace User-Generated Content

Smartphones have made it possible for non-professionals to create unique and compelling content. Today’s brands are able to leverage User Generated Content (UGC) from customers and influencers who enjoy sharing their brand experience. UGC is one of the most authentic pieces of content that mirrors the customer experience — it includes content in text, images, customer reviews or videos.

More and more shoppers are trusting the opinions of other perceivably everyday people, which is why the influencer revolution has boomed and why brands are leveraging these personalities to demonstrate their products.

Consumers value brands that dedicate efforts to compiling and sharing UGC content. The effort deepens the connection between brands and consumers, which improves customer loyalty.

Many brands use UGC just on social media, however the opportunity to leverage the connection shoppers have to other happy shoppers goes beyond that to websites, email campaigns, messaging, live virtual shows and more.

4. Create “Snackable” Content

As a brand, you’re competing with unlimited content on the web. In addition, internet users prefer to consume content— via mobile devices — in short bursts during breaks, while working, and dining.

“Snackable” content captures the attention of users who may be distracted or short on time. It’s common for brands to enhance the user experience by breaking down long-form content into segments that are more impactful.

woman on her computer viewing something she likes on her phone
An increasingly large amount of users consume the majority of content from their smart phones.

Here’s what you need to know.

Users instinctively turn to their device based on a need to learn, buy, watch or keep up with updates. If luxury brands can seize the opportunity to create bite-sized stories that quickly capture attention, they will leave a lasting impression. And that is what brings consumers back to the website to shop more often.

5. Luxury Brands Go Big on Data

Most digital interactions yield data that luxury brands can tap into. For example, brands can mine (retroactively analyze) data from past stories to develop new stories, uncover desired topics and beyond. Some common sources that can be used to leverage data include exclusive memberships, purchase records and customer profiles.

Ultimately, data presents an opportunity for luxury brands to personify their marketing and explore new horizons. Powerfront’s INSIDE Omnichannel Customer Service solution allows brands to harness real-time insights across chat, email, SMS and social media messages. It is this insight that helps our clients provide an unparalleled customer experience that’s based on actionable data.

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Below are some of its features and benefits:

  • Omni Channel Agent Dashboard: Allows an agent to handle multiple platforms, get  360-degree insights, and improve customer experience.
  • Efficiency: Yields better time and cost savings, including boosting customer service capacity. For instance, Lorna Jane can help 21 online shoppers in 30 minutes via INSIDE. Previously using phones, an agent was limited to helping one shopper in 30 minutes on the phone.
  • Improved Queue Management: Utilizes natural language processing, geographical or transaction-based filters to route a customer conversation to the right agent.

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Let Us Help You Transform Your Customer Experience

Powerfront offers a true omnichannel customer engagement solution with multiple touchpoints on the easiest-to-use dashboard on the market. Now luxury brands can offer a unified approach to online customer service and sales. Let us show you how to bring the in-store experience to customers shopping from the comfort of their home.

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