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Powerfront 90210: How the Customer Engagement Provider Became the Only SaaS Company in Beverly Hills

The ONLY tech company based in the heart of luxury

For two decades, an elite echelon of luxury and premium retailers who seek to provide the highest level of customer service and experience to their online customers have turned to Powerfront to connect them with their online customers.

Powerfront is a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions that aim to flawlessly replicate in-person experiences online. Our product range includes omnichannel customer service, enterprise live chat, chatbots, video-assisted personal shopping and live-streaming, and remote working solutions.

Powerfront’s Beginnings

The company was founded in 2001 by CEO Hadar Paz and CTO Greg Platt, and has been recognized by some of the world’s most prestigious brands for its unique approach to customer engagement and personalization, AI-powered messaging and data visualization.

Powerfront began as an e-commerce company in Melbourne, Australia. We built websites for many retail giants there, including Nike, Toys’R’Us, Forever New and many more. In 2012, Hadar moved to the heart of U.S. fashion, glitz, glam and all things luxury – Beverly Hills in order to expand the business and his vision outside of the APAC region. After many years earning a reputation as the premiere content management system for retailers in the region, Powerfront was poised to transition from an e-commerce platform to something much more than that.

While staring at a screen with a number of active online users on a customer’s website, Hadar noticed two things – viewing a number didn’t seem to excite his clients as much as viewing a queue of that same amount of customers in front of them would; and, although they knew the customers were there, they were unable to reach out and communicate with them, like they would in an online store.

Rodeo Drive-style service

Inspired by the high level of service that his neighbors employed at Gucci and Neiman Marcus would provide when he’d enter their storefronts on Beverly Hills drive, Hadar and Greg started to think about how they could recreate this same interaction online. How could brands greet their online customers and provide the same warmth and recognition that ensured customer loyalty and brand affinity?

As a former artist, Hadar already had a mind (and eye) for the visual, and with Greg’s visionary development skills, the two soon mapped out a path to their shared goal – create a 3D representation of the store floor, paralleling sections on a website with a store’s departments, and dress up the analytics by making each user appear as a stick figure (which later evolved to become a more sophisticated-looking 3D avatar,) adorned with data to clue in online sales associates as to whom was looking at what, their basket contents, previous purchases, browsing behavior and more. The online sales associates were then able to proactively engage with these customers, greeting them by name and offering them bespoke recommendations based on the knowledge that the platform provided.

If your store is on Rodeo Drive, you should be using INSIDE.

Soon after, INSIDE by Powerfront was born and one-by-one, dozens of premiere luxury retailers became clients. True luxury brands understand the need to deliver this high-level customer experience both online and in stores. Today, 7 out of 10 top luxury fashion houses use INSIDE by Powerfront as their preferred live chat platform; and many more are integrating newly developed modules such as live stream and video-assisted personal shopping tech in their effort to create a seamless, white glove luxury service for their online customers. ‘

Although INSIDE’s personalized, high-touch customer service pairs perfectly with luxury brands’ standards, it scales beautifully to all sorts of industries who strive to provide their customers with the highest quality of service. Automotive, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, and financial institutions all opt for INSIDE because they, like Powerfront, put their customers at the heart of their business.

To learn more about Powerfront’s luxury messaging solution, visit us or schedule a demo.

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