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How to Make Your Online Customer Feel Like a VIP

Is it possible to ensure that your online customers feel as fabulous shopping with you online as they do in your brick and retail location? Look for a customer support chat vendor that allows you to instantly recognize your best customers – and avoid taking up too much of their precious time by asking them redundant questions about account/login info or recent transactions.

Inquire about past purchases

Just like a sales representative or personal stylist would do in a luxury boutique, ask your customers if they’re satisfied with their recent purchases. A greeting like “Hello Mrs. Jones, are you enjoying your shiny new black ankle boots?” will flatter them and builds confidence and rapport between the shopper and your brand.

Guide them throughout the duration of their shopping journey

In a physical retail store, a good salesperson will continue chatting with the customer and exchanging pleasantries from the moment they walk in until they’ve completed their transaction. Use proactive messages to say hello to your customer upon entry and ensure they never feel alone, a particularly important flourish if your products have a complex array of options.

Reward your customer

Incentivize your customers to keep coming back for more by offering them the same rewards programs, gifts with purchase, and offers as you would in store. Use chat pane event banners to let them know about ongoing promotions and personalize your messaging so it feels individually rewarding to them. By ensuring they’re aware of sales and discounts, you’ll reap the reward of their loyalty and appreciation.

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