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Your E-commerce Live Chat Isn’t Doing Enough: Why You’re Missing Out on Higher Conversion Rates

Live chat is essential to humanizing e-commerce and minimizing your customers’ pain points. Chat enables you to have real conversations with your online customers at the time of need rather than forcing them to wait for an email response or pick up on the phone and get stuck on hold for minutes (or worse!). Chat allows customer service agents to quickly smooth out friction points while also building a relationship with the customer.  This helps encourage customers to purchase in the moment and ensures their online buying journey is seamless and intuitive. 

Not all live chat platforms are created equal!

Basic chat capabilities have been around for a while, but advances in technology like AI and chatbots mean that the opportunity to target the right customer at the right time with the right message is better than it has ever been. If you simply pick a chat vendor with basic capabilities; then leave your customer service agents to face a wall of text where they blindly take questions from customers, you’re missing out on the chance to greatly improve your conversion rates. Your business needs a platform that takes chat one step further and allows your agents to see the full context of the customer’s interactions with your brand.  The platform should enable the agent to see into the customer’s basket, view all transaction/chat history, identify hot opportunities and make recommendations. When you equip your agents with the tools to have meaningful conversations with your customers, you will boost customer confidence and help build brand loyalty.

Here’s how a fully integrated visual chat platform can help improve your conversion rates and increase brand loyalty, as well as ensure website navigation is intuitive and seamless.

  • Spot struggling customers – Prevent an abandoned cart by spotting customers who are struggling. View their browsing history, their time on site, and what they’re looking at. A proactive message offering assistance could be just what they need to overcome any browsing obstacles and ensure that they don’t get frustrated and decide to navigate away from the website. 
  • Recognize returning customers – Greet a VIP customer returning to your website, just as you would if you were working in a physical store and a VIP customer walked in. Affinity tools can re-route these customers to the agent who helped them previously, and they’ll appreciate the recognition. Customers value a personalized touch. A simple greeting by name and inquiring as to their recent purchase satisfaction can help build brand loyalty and ensure returning customers continue to shop with you and enjoy taking advantage of friendly sales agents’ suggestions.
  • Spot customers with high value baskets – Use filters to identify shoppers with carts filled with items over a certain dollar value. Ensure their shopping journey is smooth and alert them of any add-on items they may need to complete their purchase. 
  • Save sales with offers – If a customer is hesitant to complete a purchase, proactively swoop in and remind them of free shipping rates, ongoing sales, seasonal promotions, and more. Encouraging marketing email subscriptions, upsell so they reach a certain basket value to redeem a coupon, and ensure that they have the correct discount codes.

Ready to learn more about an integrated omnichannel solution that will allow you to take live chat one step further? Contact us now. Let’s make sure you don’t miss even one more sale.

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