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What to Know About Video Shopping: Leaders discuss at the Vogue Business and Google Summit

On November 13th, Powerfront CEO and founder Hadar Paz spoke at the the first annual virtual Vogue Business and Google Summit. The topic of the panel was What to Know About Video Shopping, hosted by Vogue Business Innovation Editor Maghan McDowell. Co-panelists included fashion blogger and Amazon Live host Katie Sands; Lisa Aitken, Fashion & Buying Director of Moda Operandi; and Nicky Rettke, Product Director of YouTube ads.

Because consumers miss the experience of connecting with brands in real life, video shopping aims to recreate that high-touch experience.

Lisa Aitken discussed the way Moda Operandi experimented with different platforms and ultimately wanted to enhance the shopping experience. They use video to bring voice of the designer directly to the consumer with their live trunk shows.

Katie Sands, lifestyle and fashion blogger, discussed how using Amazon Live has amplified her presence as an influencer, as well as enabled her to meet a new and particular audience.

Nicky Rettke discussed how consumers increasingly look to YouTube for authoritative voices about products, discussing the rise of YouTube use since the onset of the pandemic, and confirming that viewers are much more likely to buy products after researching the brand on

Hadar Paz gave an overview of how luxury brands use the INSIDE Store app to greet customers, armed with context and data before they even engage with the customers. From there, brands offer shoppers the opportunity to shop with them via video through a private invitation, either email or text.

Maghan McDowell had the opportunity to experience being an end user when she tested Gucci LIVE, the one-way video shopping experienced powered by Powerfront. Gucci uses their client services hub, or what Hadar has described as a cloud store- that is, a showroom decorated and merchandised to look like a real store, to offer one-to-one video shopping to VIP clients. Maghan talked about how the associate walked her around the store, showed her various products, and opened bags.

They also discussed Powerfront’s one-to-many live stream solution that is also high-touch, with a client advisor watching the stream virtually alongside the end user, available to add items the customer likes to their carts for them, and walk them through the checkout process. Notably, Powerfront’s solutions are differentiated by their target end user in the luxury spaces who may not be using YouTube or other platforms, and may even not be entirely comfortable shopping online on their own.

The panelists all agree that having this more personal video shopping capability connects and resonates with customers in a novel way, far more than a pre-recorded video or a marketing email. It’s clear that video shopping, and the need that created it, aren’t going away anytime soon.

Read Vogue Business’s recap here or watch the full discussion:

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